WE crane contractors…

… secure the energy supply

  • Erecting electricity pylons
  • Setting transformers
  • Wind turbines
  • Assemble gas power plants
  • Assemble refineries

… enable the energy transition

  • Erection of wind turbines
  • Erecting electricity pylons
  • Set up distribution stations
  • Set control stations for large solar systems
  • Insulating roofs and walls

… get mobility

  • Erecting pedestrian bridges
  • Build streetcar, rail and bus stations
  • Erecting railroad bridges
  • Erecting highway bridges
  • Installing and maintaining ship locks

… connect

  • We install and maintain radio masts
  • We install and maintain telephone masts
  • We install and maintain satellite systems

… form

  • Build and design museums
  • Mounting works of art

… create living space

  • We assemble prefabricated houses
  • We assemble residential complexes
  • We build basements and lay ceilings

… secure healthcare

  • Installation and maintenance of pharmaceutical plants
  • Build and maintain hospitals

… train our next generation

  • Assembly and maintenance of kindergartens and daycare centers
  • Assembly and maintenance of schools

… Supply the nation.

  • Construction of warehouses and logistics halls
  • Construction and maintenance of production halls and systems

… conduct research.

  • Construction and maintenance of research facilities

Almost everything in our economy, from bread rolls to particle accelerators, is made possible at some point by our services. No matter whether it concerns installation or maintenance.


We have the future on the hook.