The right crane for every application…

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Exceptional performance is achieved through good employees and, of course, a well-positioned machine park. Mini cranes or spider cranes, mobile cranes, truck-mounted cranes, mobile construction cranes, spierings or loader cranes are combined with a huge selection of accessories to complete your job efficiently and successfully.


Mobile cranes


Mobile construction cranes

Mini cranes

Assembly and special cranes

Our Service for you

  • Mobile cranes from 50 t load capacity

  • Mobile construction cranes up to 60 m
  • Loading cranes with fly jib
  • Mini cranes from 3.5 t to 8 t lifting capacity

  • Extensive range of accessories:
    Cross beams, shackles, slings, chains, support plates, site roads, man baskets, glass suction cups, special lifting gear, chain hoists and much more

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