Fast & Reliable

Fast & Reliable

A top-class operation:
Hellmich Kranservice lifts the original racing cars from the action film series “The Fast and The Furious” onto the Lufthansa terrace in Seeheim.

It’s cloudy and looks like rain on this May 23, 2023. It would be a shame if the highly polished supercars from the action film series “The Fast and The Furious”, which were specially delivered from Dresden, were now flooded with rain. At 13:00, Mr. Michael Böhm, the crane operator from Hellmich-Kranservice, lifts the ATF 60 into position on the underground car park roof of the Lufthansa Hotel. The aim is to lift three of these legendary “muscle cars” down to the hotel terrace, which is located on a steep slope.

Once the Tadano crane has been positioned and securely supported, the work can begin. The guys from ChromeCar, who own the cars, are already very excited.

Mr. Admir Salihovic, also from Hellmich Kranservice, prepares the crossbeam and the four beams, each of which attaches to the wheels of the trolleys. As the first vehicle hovers, the weather seems to have mercy and the sun briefly shines through. Crane operator Böhm gently lifts the first racing car, a blue 1969 Yenko Camaro from Chevrolet, and steers it very sensitively onto the terrace, accompanied and guided by the ropes of the crane assistants. This eight-cylinder was driven by Korpi and Paul Walker (as Brian O’Conner) in the 2003 film “2 Fast 2 Furious” – it weighs in at 1.3 tons. As soon as he is set down, the audience applauds with relief and he is immediately steered into the show position by Gesa, the professional driver from ChromeCars. We’ll be back at the top in a moment and it’s the next sports coupé’s turn. This time a 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo MK IV in golden orange with wild livery, rear spoiler and transparent front hood. It was driven in the first film in the series “The Fast and The Furious” in 2001 by the now also legendary actor Paul Walker and made another appearance in 2003 as “Slap Jack’s Supra” in exactly this modified version. The fans watch the scene with the appropriate reverence. The six-cylinder engine, which produces 330 hp with two sequential turbochargers, is on the hook with 1.7 tons. This hub also runs smoothly, precisely guided and accompanied by the assistant Mr. Salihovic and the operations planner Mr. Thomas Weber. The third race car is now the black 2011 Dodge “Challenger SRT”. He was driven by Vin Diesel (as Dominic Toretto) in part 6 of the series.

This powerful eight-cylinder with 470 hp from Chrysler posed no problem due to its 2-ton weight, but was a real challenge due to its width.
There was only a gap of a few centimeters between the hotel wall and the terrace awning. To avoid a collision, the lift was escorted out of the side windows of the hotel by hand – and everything went well.



Issue 150

By Published On: June 19th, 2023

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