Spectacular night-time scaffolding rescue at the Hessian State Parliament

Early on Monday evening, we were called out with two cranes for a spectacular rescue operation at the Hessian State Parliament in Wiesbaden. During construction work, an approx. 35 m long scaffolding section of a 4-part roof structure buckled. Secured only by the existing construction crane, the scaffolding section was suspended 10 m above the ground. Using two GROVE telescopic cranes, we were able to secure the scaffolding and lower it to the ground in a controlled manner.

News Hessenschau.de:
A fallen steel scaffolding caused a stir in Wiesbaden early yesterday evening. The 35-meter-long section of scaffolding broke during construction work at the Landtag and buckled for unknown reasons. It was actually supposed to be the fourth and last part of the roof structures of the Landtag, as the police announced shortly before midnight. The crane operator noticed the accident immediately and stopped the work, but the scaffolding section was still hanging at a height of around ten meters above the construction site. Only with the help of two special cranes and a spectacular salvage operation was it possible to safely bring the accident scaffolding to the ground. According to one estimate, the resulting damage amounts to several hundred

By Published On: August 11th, 2020

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